Zulkifli Bin Husin

Universiti Malaysia Perlis, Malaysia

Title: Portable device for herb leaves recognition system


Zulkifli Bin Husin has completed his Master at the age of 29 years from Universiti Malaysia Perlis and studies from Universiti Malaysia Perlis School of Computer and Communication Engineering. Currently, he is the senior lecturer at his university and working experience is about 7 years. He has a lots of awards in national and international exhibition competition such as WIPO Best Award in SIIF2010 and gold medal in IENA Germany, SIIF Korea and (ITEX, MTE, PECIPTA and BIOM) in Malaysia. He has published several papers in reputed journals and serving as a reviewer of repute. He has funding more than MYR 700K especially from his government fund for developing new fundamental and prototype of research projects.


Malaysia is an agriculture based country with many people working in this area. In particular, a large number of persons work for herbs based industry especially food, medicine and cosmetic. Knowing which herbs to be used would be very critical in these applications. The current way of identification of types of herbs is still being done manually and prone to human error. Designing a convenient and automatic recognition system of herbs species is essential since this will improve herb species classification efficiency. Based on popular botanical theory, the types of vein images of leaves have been used for plant recognition. This research focus on recognition approach to the shape and texture features of the herbs leaves. It aims to realize the computerized method to classify the herbs plants in a very convenient way. Portable herb leaves recognition system through image and data processing techniques is implemented as automated herb plant classification system. It is very easy to use and inexpensive system designed especially for helping scientist in agricultural field. The proposed system employs artificial intelligent and vision techniques to perform recognition on species of herbs. Most importantly the system is capable of identifying the herbs leaves species even though they are dried, wet, torn or deformed. With the advancement in mobile phone technology, camera is now embedded into communication devices. As such, the newly developed system could easily be implemented into mobile communication devices and help consumers to learn and recognize the type of herbs around the world.

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