Mahmoud  Alsuleiman

Mahmoud Alsuleiman

Ministry of Health

Title: Preventive of white spot formation around orthodontic brackets


Dr Mahmoud Alsuleiman has completed his PhD in Orthodontics from The Council of All-Union Scientific-and Industrial Association "Stomatology" – Advanced Faculty of Stomatology (Moscow, Russia), 1991. He Was a Head of the Orthodontic Department at University of Aleppo, 1993-2005, 2011-2012 and Vice Dean for the Scientific Affairs at the Dental School, University of Aleppo, 1997-1999. Now working consultant of Orthodontics at Planet Dental Clinics, Jeddah – Saudi Arabia. . He has published more than 22 papers in reputed journals and supervised 12 Master dissertations and 2 PhD dissertations.


Enamel demineralization is a significant problem and can cause major clinical complications of orthodontic treatment with fixed appliances. Prevalence of white spot lesions after orthodontics treatment reported to varying from one-third up to 96 per cent in patients undergoing fixed appliance therapy. The placement of fixed orthodontic appliances creates a favorable environment for the accumulation of microorganisms, which causes enamel demineralization or exacerbates the effects of any pre-existing caries. Methods: A total of 569 brackets bonded in 30 patients with the Self etching primer (SEP) (Transbond Plus) and randomly divided into two groups: Group 1: 284 brackets (15 patients) (Control group). Group 2: 285 brackets bonded by SEP for 10s at the same time of amorphous calcium phosphate application and after 3 months repeated each month till the sixth month. This clinical trials have used the split-mouth design. The observation period was 6 months. SOPROLIFE -Light induce Fluorescence used to evaluate enamel around bracket. Results: Statistically significant differences observed between the two groups (P< 0.05) and teeth which had treated with amorphous calcium phosphate revealed reducing percent of white spot comparing to control group Conclusions: The monthly application amorphous calcium phosphate (GC Tooth Mousse), is effective on prevention of demineralization around orthodontic brackets during orthodontic treatment with fixed appliance.