Manju Modgil

Dr. Y. S. P. University of Horticulture & Forestry, India

Title: Production of genetically uniform plants of apple through tissue culture -A commercial approach


Manju Modgil is a professor at Dr. Y. S. Parmar University of Horticulture & Forestry – Solanin dept, of Biotechnology. She holds a Ph.D degree in cytogenetics and she specialized in plant biotechnology. She has a more than 18 years of research experience and published a number of national and international papers as well as ornamented with a lot of awards.


The improvement of apple cultivation in India is dependent on the supply of healthy and quality planting material of rootstocks and improved varieties of scions. Therefore, in this study, micropropagation using axillary buds /shoot apices have been applied successfully for the production of quality planting material of clonal rootstocks of apple. The mother plants were indexed for virus and found free from apple mosaic and tobacco streak virus. Different sized explants were excised and initiated to shoot proliferation on MS medium supplemented with BA, GA3, with or without auxin. Following establishment phase, the small shoots emerged from clean explants were subcultured on multiplication medium. Shoot multiplication was influenced by cytokinin type, its concentration and genotype. Of the cytokinins tested, BA was found superior to others. For rooting, vigorously growing shoots were either given a short pretreatment in auxin containing medium or exposed to auxin throughout rooting phase. Rooted plantlets were hardened under controlled conditions. Nurseries were raised at different locations of the university and distributed to farmers for the production of high quality nursery plants. The methods standardized are commercially feasible and have provided the basis for rapid bulking up of plants. Therefore, cultures were provided to user agencies under Horticulture Technology Mission.