Xiaoying Jiang

Chinese Nursing Journals Publishing House Co. Ltd., China

Title: Promotion of excellent academic platform and development of nursing sciences


Xiaoying Jiang is one of Chinese Laureates of the 43rd Florence Nightingale Award. She is the deputy director of the Chinese Nursing Association, the director of the Fujian Nursing Association, the director of Chinese Nursing Journals Publishing House Co. Ltd., the deputy director of the National Association of Colleges of Nursing, former dean of Nursing School of Fujian Medical University. She has chaired more than 30 research projects of National Ministry of Education and provincial project, published more than 210 papers in the core journals of nursing, and won the prize of national and provincial scientific research achievements 26 times. She is deputy editor in chief of several nursing journals and member of editorial board of a dozen nursing journals in China.


Chinese Nursing Association is the only one national nurse academic organization in China. It is a member of International Council of Nurses (ICN). Its academic exchanges and cooperation in nursing areas with all Member States increase day by day. It plays an important role in the international and domestic nursing specialty. Chinese Nursing Journals Publishing House Co. Ltd. belongs to Chinese Nursing Association. It is the most authoritative publication institution in nursing area in China, and the periodicals published include Chinese Journal of Nursing, Chinese Journal of Nursing Education and International Journal of Nursing Sciences. International Journal of Nursing Sciences is an international English journal co-published by the Elsevier Publishing Group. These journals play a great role in the promotion of Chinese nursing research and development of Chinese nursing sciences. First, it propagates national health policy and health care reform direction and leads the development of nursing sciences. Secondly, it enhances public health service capacity and creates excellent academic journal, which has showed Chinese nursing scientific research strength and improved the international influence of nursing in China. Thirdly, it is an important medium for promoting interdisciplinary communication, nursing research and nursing science. It has attracted innovative nursing research exchanges worldwide and established an international academic exchange platform. Last but not least, it takes advantages of excellent academic platform to improve Chinese nurses’ academic status and professional image.