Daniel Y. C. Fung

Daniel Y. C. Fung

Kansas State University

Title: Rapid methods and automation in microbiology: Past, present and future


Daniel Y. C. Fung is a microbiologist in the field of rapid methods and automation in microbiology. He has published extensively in food microbiology, applied microbiology and rapid methods with more than 700 Journal articles, meeting abstracts, proceeding papers, book chapters and books in his career.


Rapid methods and automation in microbiology is a relatively new area of study in applied microbiology. He literally stimulated the developments of this field by his Ph.D. dissertation at Iowa State University in 1969 entitled "Rapid methods for determining Staphylococcal Toxins and Salmonella associated with poultry products”. From that modest beginning he developed many miniaturized systems for diagnostic bacteriology. At that same time many commercial companies started similar diagnostic kits mainly concerning medical microbiology. Soon these miniaturized kits found the way into food, water, air, soil and environmental areas for rapid and efficient ways to detect and identify a great variety of microbes to this very day. With increased developments in instrumentation and molecular microbiology, the field will certainly expend and touch on even more areas related to human and animal health, food, water, air, and environmental monitoring systems in the near and far future. The presenter will conclude this talk with his 10 point visions into the near and far future.

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