Raj Kumar

Central Soil & Water Conservation Research & Training Institute, India

Title: Regeneration complexities of Pinus gerardiana in dry temperate forests of Indian Himalaya


Raj Kumar is a scientist in Central Soil and Water Conservation Research (ICAR).He has proficiency in the field of research on pinus. His study mostly emphasizes on the effect of soil salinity and impact of water on the seed generation of pinus.


Pinus gerardiana is often considered an important species because of its influence on the ecological processes and economic dependence of tribal people in Himalayan dry temperate forest. With large number of biotic and abiotic factor affecting P. gerardiana in Himalayan dry temperate forest, there is a crucial need to understand the regener¬ation dynamics of this tree species. This research was conducted in mature P. gerardiana forests of Kinnaur District, Himachal Pradesh, India, to understand regeneration processes in the species. P. gerardiana regeneration success is lower than the requirement of sustainable forest, but varies widely among sites in the temperate forest Himalayas. Results suggest that in different forests regeneration success that are influenced by collection of seed (nut) by tribal people, grazing and browsing, soil sand and nutrient content. Regeneration varied with Sites and it was observed that site with more P. Gerardiana regeneration have less biotic interference, soil sand and litter depth, but more soil nutrient availability. This research elucidates associations between successful P. gerardiana regeneration and site factors such as soil nutrient availability. More forest surveys are required to understand the conditions necessary for successful P. gerardiana.

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