Gaurav Sharma

Holy Angles Hospital

Title: Reversing Diabetes - The Approach


Dr. Gaurav Sharma, MD, PGDSM is a practicing DIABETOLOGIST AND A LIFESTYLE DOCTOR at the Holy Angles Hospital New Delhi, India. He holds a post-graduation in Sports Medicine with more than 10 years of medical education and more than 10 years of experience in the management of lifestyle diseases. He is also a certified fitness trainer, a certified yoga instructor, a 4th level Reiki master. He has studied Ayurveda in great detail, as it is a part of his inheritance. Dr.Gaurav has also studied Acupuncture; he treats a variety of patients who range from housewives to sports person and celebrities. Having successfully reversed diabetes in hundreds of patients, where people have been taken off oral Hypoglycemics and even Insulin. He brings his vast experience and expertise on how to reverse Diabetes.


There are multiple factors to be addressed while managing Diabetes type 2 including improper diet, lack of physical activity, stress, alcohol and lack of nutrients. Multiple studies demonstrated that these lifestyle changes are the first line approach in the management of Diabetes Type 2, yet most of the Doctors look at pharmacological interventions as the first line of management! Is it due to ignorance? Unfortunately, medical doctors do not get any training in the medical collage to introduce these changes and are unable to guide the patient with right information regarding eating habits, exercise, stress management, motivation, and role of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and herbs. In the past decades, the medical training was not addressed towards making lifestyle changes but through pharmacological interventions, which led to the mushrooming of alternate practitioners, fitness centers and yoga gurus. The management of lifestyle diseases has been shifting to these alternative practitioners as people are looking for safer methods. However, some doctors do provide some guidelines about what to eat and to go for a walk but they lack a structured approach. Multiple studies have demonstrated that if you cut down on foods that spike blood sugar level, yet most of the Doctors suggest on cutting down on fats and increasing your carbohydrates. You can have a better Diabetes management program, which is contradictory to the present record of high carbohydrate and low fat eating pattern. Multiple studies have also demonstrated that high intensity (combination of aerobic and anaerobic) interval training is more efficient as compared to long duration aerobic exercise. Multiple studies have demonstrated that vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and herbs play a huge role in management of diabetes. India is arguably the land of the largest collection of anti-diabetic herbs that not only sensitize insulin but also work from the alpha-glycosidase inhabitation pathway apart from giving a strong anti-inflammatory response to the pancreas and the whole body. Introduction of these lifestyle changes result not only in a better management of Diabetes type 2 but also in the reversal of the disease. Hundreds of patients have been successfully taken off insulin and oral-hypoglycemic drugs through these lifestyle changes.

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