Dora Dragoni

Dora Dragoni

The Medical Acupuncturists Association of Bologna, Italy

Title: Reward strategies and acupuncture


Dora Dragoni has completed her Medical Doctor degree from University of Bologna, 110/100 cum laude. Now, she is Acupuncture Fellow MD at AMAB (MDs Acupuncturists Association), in Bologna. She is Medical Doctor, Personal Trainer, and Nutritionist. She has published 10 articles, some of which collected in a book “REWARD7”, about reward system, health, wellness, metabolism, fitness, and neuroscience.


In this presentation, we relate acupuncture to reward system, since they both are basis for body-mind well-being. So we can pass from dysfunctions to health and wellness, so to permit a good lifestyle as well. One of the main targets of acupuncure are endogenous opioids: 1) Stress enhances this system (acute condition – Almeida 1991); 2) They balance DOPA-GABA equilibrium in mid brain (Johnson 1992). Takakura demostrated how acupuncture leads to both sensations of pain and pleasure (2013 in students groups studies). Reward system is related also to organ-protective effects (vascular + neurogenetic), as Chiu showed in 2015 that L-DOPA administation can help perfusion and organ function, on cardiovascular system. Opioids harmonize ANS, (LiQianQian 2013) and they help in regulation of default network (Dhond 2008). Thanks to reward system as they are able to (1) Reduce pain perceptions (2) Restore a well-being condition. This is also related to reward system functions, dopamine and serotonine permit a better quantity and quality of life as well. Moreover: Beneception (medial pathways) has to overcome nociception (lateral and HPA axis), till well-being and reward consists of our instinctive stimuli, our needs, to be accomplished, that also are our rights to be fulfilled as humans. Since health is a society basis, reward are duties as well, and their accomplishement is fundamental. We can say that, summarizing the main official sources, for Dora and Fatih Reward Strategy is composed by Diet, Fitness, Mind, Love Life, Sleep, Extra Rewards, CAM included. In the presentation, we also talk about an insomnia condition helped by those strategies. So being reward system, the basis to understand our needs physiology, that explains our needs and lifestyle rules: Reward strategy is the main element to take into consideration talking about health, human rights and well-being.