Kedar Bakshi

Academy of Advance and Basic Clinical Dentistry

Title: Role of occlusion in oral health and its influence in long term success of dental treatment



Occlusal loading affects the longevity of teeth, periodontium, joints, implants and dental restorations. Teeth morphology relates to occlusal loading. Form follows function. Today’s challenge is to give patient good aesthetics and good function which will be harmonious with masticatory muscles. In this lecture master key will be presented for predictable aesthetics and occlusion which will be useful for implant as well as normal day to day practice. Is it possible to reduce occlusal overload? How to increase longevity of restorations? How to plan treatment in patients with bruxism and para function? Is it possible to eliminate para functional habits?Can occlusal corrections relieve stresses ? How to make occlusal scheme for implants and for natural dentition? How to enhance aesthetic results at the same time improving occlusion? Master key in treatment planning and its execution will be presented to solve these puzzles.