Wan Arfiani Barus

Wan Arfiani Barus

Amir Hamzah University, Indonesia

Title: Screening and adaptation in some varieties of rice under salinity stress (Case study at Paluh Merbau, Deli Serdang District, North Sumatera, Indonesia)


Wan Arfiani Barus belongs to Department of Agrotechnology, Amir Hamzah University, Indonesia and speaker at Agri-2014 conference 2nd International Conference on Agricultural & Horticultural Sciences, main research intrests on Plant Physiology, Plant Biotechnology, Plant Environmental Stress Physiology, Abiotic Stress Tolerance, Plant Tissue Culture, Plant Molecular Biology Plant Breeding.


Rice growth and development are adversely affected by salinity; it was a major environmental stress that limits agricultural production. “Paluh Merbau” is a village in “percut Sei Tuan District that had saline soil, It has EC = 6,8 mmhos. Aim of this research is to get the best variety in growth and adaptability under salinity stress. Research was undertaken in Paluh Merbau village, Percut Sei Tuan Sub-District, Deli Serdang District, North Sumatera, Indonesia) by using randomized block design non factorial with three replications. Response of growth and adaptation were tested of 10 genotype respectively were observed and classified by the criteria: sensitive, moderate, tolerant and very tolerant by using a scoring method (salt injury score). Observation of growth and adaptability showed that genotype IR 42 (in 2012 had the best growth and adaptability as compared with other genotype.
Keywords: Rice, Salinity, Adaptation, Growth.