Ali Reza Kamali

University of Cambridge, UK

Title: Selective formation of carbon nanotubes and spherical carbon nanoparticles in molten LiCl


Dr Ali Kamali has a diverse research background that spans metallurgy, materials chemistry, materials synthesis and characterization, sustainability and nanostructures. Prior to joining University of Cambridge in 2009, Ali had conducted research projects on topics such as hydrometallurgical treatment of mechanically activated concentrates, combustion synthesis of titanium-based alloys, mechanochemical synthesis of titanium, nickel and tungsten -based intermetallics, and powder/melt processing of intermetallic alloys.


The electrochemical erosion of a graphite cathode during the electrolysis of molten lithium chloride salt may be used for the preparation of nano-structured carbon materials. It has been found that the structures and morphologies of these carbon nanomaterials are dependent on those of the graphite cathodes employed and also on the processing parameters such as current density used during the electrolysis process. Tubular and spherical carbon nanostructures can be selectively produced by appropriate control of these parameters.