Crawford Bain

Crawford Bain

Dubai School of Dental Medicine, UAE

Title: Sinus avoidance keeping implant dentistry simple



The gradual expansion of the maxillary sinus and ridge resorption after tooth loss, can limit the remaining available bone for possible implant placement. Since the 1980’s techniques to increase posterior maxillary bone by sinus grafting have developed, allowing implant placement where bone was deficient. However a combination of higher success rates with short rough surface implants and modifications of surgical techniques requires us to reassess the widespread use of sinus grafting. It is the purpose of this talk to present the argument that the need for sinus grafting has become much more limited, and its overuse exposes the patient to unnecessary additional surgical procedures, morbidity, risks and costs, as well as often extending total treatment time. Various novel surgical and restorative solutions to deficient posterior maxillary bone will be presented and discussed.