Mine Yarim

Mine Yarim

Yeditepe University, Turkey

Title: Synthesis and anticancer screening studies of benzothiazole-based piperazine derivatives


Mine Yarim has studied anticancer drug design and authored several peer-reviewed reports. She has served on numerous review committees for the National Science Foundation in Turkey. She has served on the editorial boards for the Pharmacologia. She is a member of the QSAR Society.


This lecture will cover our study on benzothiazole-based piperazine derivatives and their cytotoxic activities. Target compounds were synthesized according to reactions shown below in reaction scheme. Structures of compounds were clarifi ed with IR, 1H-NMR, 13C-NMR, mass spectroscopies and elemental analyses. In vitro cytotoxic activities were screened in comparison with camptothecin (positive control) and 5-fl uorouracil (reference) by sulphorhodamine B assay against breast cancer (MCF-7), hepatocellular carcinoma (HUH-7) and colorectal carcinoma (HCT-116) cell lines. Th e most potent compound against HUH-7 and MCF-7 cell line was compound 1d; IC50 = 3,1 μM and IC50 = 9,2 μM, respectively. Th e most potent compounds against HCT-116 cell line were compound 1a; IC50 = 4,8 μM and compound 2a; IC50 = 4,5 μM.