G Brahmeshwari

G Brahmeshwari

Kakatiya University, India

Title: Synthesis and antimicrobial activity of 2-amino-6-hydroxyl-4-undecyl-5h-benzo (d) imidazole-5-one


G.Brahmeshwari has completed her Ph.D at 1995 from Kakatiya University , Warangal (A.P) India .She has 20 + years academic experience in teaching at various institutions, Currently She his assisting as Assistant professor of Chemistry in University Arts and science College, Kakatiya University Warangal.and she was served as Joint Director of Padmakshi Women’s Hostel K.U, and Incharge Dept.of Chemistry University Arts &science College Kakatiya University, and also organized Workshop for UG Courses on revised syllabus. and She is acting a Deputy Director of Science Courses SDLCE and she is the member of Board Studies for UG and also she has been enter into the research field by admitting five Research scholars under her supervision since, Nov, 2011. She has published 9 papers in reputed journals.


"Embelin has been isolated from the dry ripe berries of Embelin ribes, which are widely used as traditional medicine in India, The berries of Embelin ribes are reported to contain mainly benzoquinone derivatives it is 2, 5-dihydroxy, 6-undecyl benzoquinone, Embelin reported to have many microbial activities like anti -inflammatory, antibacterial, antitumor, antioxidant, the compound it self has been used in India for long time in the treatment of several diseases. In the present investigation Embelin undergoes cyclisation with guanidine hydrochloride to give a compound with imidazole ring. Imidazole provide one of the most fascinating class of compounds recognized for various biological and pharmacological activities.Imidazole units are also used as synthetic intermediates, chiral auxiliaries, chiral catalysis and ligands for asymmetric various synthetic pharmaceuticals. We synthesized 2-amino-6-hydroxy-4-undecyl-5H-benzo(d)imidazole-5-one(fig.1) is more biologically significant compound, than the above mentioned Embelin and Imidazole."