Chandra Somasundaram

Chandra Somasundaram

University of Houston, USA

Title: The beta- CGRP gene and perivascular stem cells in vascular therapy


Chandra Somasundaram has completed her Ph.D in biochemistry from Madurai Kamaraj University, and postdoctoral studies in cell and molecular biology from INSERM, Paris and University College of London. Further, Dr. Somasundaram continued her research at University of Washington, Seattle and Duke University Medical Center. At present, she is a scientist at Texas Nerve & Paralysis institute, and an adjunct faculty in the department of biology, University of Houston-Victoria. She has published extensively in reputed journals, and lectured at several national/international conferences. She has received the Young Scientist Research Award from the Department of Science and Technology, India, and research awards from British Heart Foundation, and The Wellcome Trust Foundation.


We have previously reported that the mesenteric arterial adventitia harboring CD45+ hematopoietic stem cells, ckit+ mesenchymal stem/progenitor cells and neural cells expressing specifically beta- CGRP, which may participate in vascular and peripheral nerve injury and regeneration. Here, we will summarize our studies on beta- CGRP gene and perivascular stem cells in vascular therapy.

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