Leonora Hana-Lleshi

Regional Hospital Isa Grezda, Kosovo

Title: The efficiency of immunotherapy to the subjects with allergy to bee venom and its influence in pollen allergy


Leonora Hana-Lleshi certified specialized allergologist-immunologist living and working in Gjakova,KOSOVA.The Faculty of General Medicine I’ve finished in 1990-1996 in Craiova,Romania.From 2001-2005 I’ve recived titlle certified specialized allergologist-immunologist in UCCK-Prishtina,Kosova.In that time 6 months I was in UHC”Mother Theresa”Tirana , Albania in training in field of clinical allergology. In 2012 I’ve recived a master degree on medicine science from Ministry of Education Albania (MoES),which has equivalented my diploma of medicine and specialization based in Bologna equivalentation. From 2006 I’m working us a certified specialized allergologist-immunologist in R.H.”ISA GREZDA”Gjakova, Kosova. Till now I’ve represented 4 international poster abstract representations,First in WAC-Munich 2005 ,I was a Travel Grant winner from DGAKI first author and representator of poster abstract No.560;Second representation :first author and poster abstract representator in XXVI Congrex of the European Academy of Allergology and Clinical Immunology, 2007 Goteborg, Sweden abstract No.797,and co-author with Dr.Luljeta Neziri-Ahmetaj poster abstract No.657 in Goteborg 2007,Travel Grant winner to attend Summer School of allergology and immunology organized by EAACI in Cluj-Napoca 2007,Romania; attender of National Simposium of Croatian Society of Allergology and Clinical Immunology in 2009 in Zagreb Croatia.Poster abstract accepted for presentation in 12th EAACI Immunology Winter School on Basic Research in Allergy and Clinical Immunology,2014 Poiana Brasov Romania(abstract titlle:”In vitro testing for discrimining clinical relevance of sensitization to particular allergens.”),4 oral abstract representation in local conferences,supporter of WAD in our local area organizing local conferences supported by GINA. And abstract representator in our 3 national and international conferences. A member of Kosovarian Society of Allergology and Clinical Immunology, EAACI, WAO.ACAAI etc


Being from Kosovo the same us in the other parts of the globe allergy desease are very often represented in our medical institutions. Maybe the procentage is the same us in the Europe or in the other parts of the world. Mostly 1/4 or 1/5 habitants are representing one kind of allergy from mild symptoms to severe life threatening allergy reactions. Us a certified specialized allergologist-immunologist living and working in the small city Gjakova, Kosovo every day in my experience I meet a different kind of allergy to my patients: pollen allergy, food allergy, medication allergic reactions, contact allergy, and insect sting allergy such us bites: bee, wasp etc. In one my case patient I’ve observed that the subject :age 12 years; gender: female allergic in: pollens and bee venom with anaphylactic allergic reaction .Specific Ig- E detected with POLYCHECK(Bio-Check) first analysis are shown us down below: The patient was obtaining only SCIT in bee venom with ANALLERGO vaccine ( Apis mellifera), which has started initial treatment in U.H.C. ”Mother Theresa” Tirana, Albania ,before 2 years with rush method and after maintenance treatment was realized by myself in R.H. ”Isa Grezda” Gjakova till now I’m performing by schematic regimen SCIT and every time the patient is under my observation for 30 minutes. For two years of immunotherapy the patient have supported very good the treatment with moderate local reaction in the beginning and now without any clinical possible adverse reactions. Every application of vaccine was performed deep subcutaneously in the volar side of forearm . After one year of immunotherapy with Anallergo, the patient have repeated Specific Ig-E on pollens and hymenopthera venoms ,the parameters of bee venom have fall down from 5-4;Alder pollen from 1-0;Birch pollen from 2-0;Hazelnut pollen from 2-1;Beech pollen from 2-0;Oak pollen from 2-1;Pine from 2-0;Rhizopus nigrans from 2-0;Grass mix from 3-1 and house dust from 2-0. And concomitantly parameters of bee venom and parameters on pollens began to fall down without ethiological treatment it means without S.I.T on certain pollens.
The patients which are allergic to bee venom and mostly of them are allergic to pollens too, obtaining SCIT in bee venom can represent and a decrease of parameters in pollen allergy too. It remains to follow and one year the patient analysis and to get a definitive conclusion about the efficiency of bee venom SIT and its correlation of positive influence to pollen allergy.

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