Michael Silver

Michael Silver

American Elements, USA

Title: The global geopolitics of advanced materials in the 21st century


Michael N. Silver is CEO of American Elements (, a global manufacturer of engineered materials with the world’s largest catalog of advanced materials. Mr. Silver’s expertise includes firsthand knowledge of the supply chain from mine to finished goods and the scientific applications that make advanced materials important. He is considered a pioneer in the fields of nanotechnology, materials science and alternative energy. The company has operations in Los Angeles; Salt Lake City; Monterrey, Mexico; Baotou, China and Manchester, UK. In 2013 alone American Elements co-sponsored 84 industry and academic conferences globally on materials science.


Today it is a constant refrain that the only way to rebuild middle class jobs in America is through new cutting edge innovation. It is said America simply needs to get back in the business of making things. While much of this is true, innovation is only the starting point. To manufacture the products flowing from great ideas, a nation must also have access to the critical materials on which the discoveries are based. Due to the many disruptive discoveries in materials science over the last two decades, the innovations of the 21st century will require massive amounts of new advanced materials that are very different from those that mattered in the 20th century; metals often controlled by a single nation. The author will explain how the growing power of these sovereign monopolies will impact high technology manufacturing in both developed and emerging nations in the 21st century.