Fareha Fazl

Fareha Fazl

Jazan University, Saudi Arabia

Title: The Psyche under siege: A study of the survivors of domestic violence


Fareha Fazl has completed her Ph.D from University of Delhi, New Delhi, India. She is the coordinator of the Psychology Department at College of Applied Medical Sciences, Jazan University, Saudi Arabia. She has been working as an Assistant Professor of Psychology and pioneering new pathways of teaching, researching for both male and female study groups, and actively serving in various research committees, and editorial boards; for this university since 2009.


The present observations are based on the analysis of 30 case studies of the survivors of domestic violence. Twenty women of them belonged to the Hindu community and 10 women to the Muslim community. The major concern of the study was capturing the impact of domestic violence on the personal identities and the psychological health of the survivors. It was found that the women had experienced physical, sexual, psychological and economical abuse. This affected their mental health both in terms of measured levels of depression and extent of life satisfaction and on their experiential reality. The themes involved in making the transition from victimhood to survivor hood have been highlighted. The major themes of survival that emerged from the narrative analysis were: role of motherhood, threat to children, issues concerning conjugality, protests against demand for sexual favors to others, the identity of good daughter and threat to life. The cases point to the greater emphasis of gender rather than community membership in these women's understanding of the experience of living with and fighting with domestic violence.

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