Jacob Barg

Jacob Barg

Ashkelon Academic College, Israel

Title: The storyline approach in prevention of FASD


Jacob Barg graduated from the Kaplan Medical Center. He completed his Ph.D. at the Weizmann Institute of Science in 1989. He performed a two-year postdoctoral research in the Department of Biochemistry at St. Louis University. Following that, he joined the Department of Biochemistry as an assistant research professor and then Head of Research and Development at Wolfson Medical Center. He joined the Ashkelon Academic College, Department of Criminology to continue his contribution for the scientific welfare. Dr. Jacob Barg is a member of Israeli Olympic Committee for the Prevention of Sports Doping & also Presiding Judge of the Israeli National Committee and the Israeli Olympic Committee for the Prevention of Sports Doping.


Among the cluster of medical harms to the human being, alcohol abuse ranks as one of the most destructive and expensive. Over the last hundred years there has been a universal boost in the consumption of alcohol. In several societies and cultures it caused behavioral, psychological and physical problems. In many countries and cultures it reached an epidemic level. It is agreed that the alcohol problem today is one of the main global concern. Many doctors have raised concerns about alcohol consumption during pregnancy because the potential harm to the fetus. Alcohol consumption in the duration of pregnancy can inflict harm to a range of fetal organs and systems. Some of the insults can appear in the future and therefore are manifested only later in life, during various stages of growth and development. It is agreed that the best way to prevent FASD is to prevent the consumption of alcohol before pregnancy. The storyline approach is a different philosophic methodology that includes many educational aspects. Applying storyline philosophy in a) learning life skills, b) education and c) prevention of alcohol initiation can result in a synergistic interaction of all the three aspects modifying woman's behavior. Applying the storyline approach in preventing initiation of alcohol consumption is a different move toward the effort to eradicate the undesired alcohol problems including consumption during pregnancy.

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