Ratsiazo Sandra

Ratsiazo Sandra

University of Antananarivo, Madagascar

Title: The value added distribution in the ornamental plants-chains


Ratsiazo Sandra is an assistant professor at University of Antananarivo, Madagascar. She has take part in many national and international conferences. Her training and research is based on importance of horticulture in agriculture and service sector in Antananarivo.


The horticulture holds an important place in the agricultural and service sector in Antananarivo. Regarding a higher demand for ornamental plants in the city, this sector tends to move towards professionalization. The horticulture needed competencies are transmitted from generation to generation. Small producers and informal traders are an important part of this sector. It employs both men and women. The issue is to find out the distribution of gender and the added value in the sector in order to conduct economic survey to political decision. The study is about the evolution of horticultural chains. It focuses on the importance of added value and employment in this network. The outlets, the assets, the challenges and the situation of the stakeholders in the horticultural network are presented. The main method is to perform a factorial discriminant analysis and factorial correspondence analysis to identify key components variables of the survey results. Recommendations will be made towards the stakeholders and to guide policies to promote gender equity.
Keywords: horticultural, professionalization, added value, employment, gender

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