James L. Ratcliff

James L. Ratcliff

Rowpar Pharmaceuticals

Title: Time’s arrow in the treatment of oral and systemic disease


James L Ratcliff is Chairman and CEO of Rowpar Pharmaceuticals, Scottsdale, AZ, makers of the ClōSYS and Dentists’ Choice brands of oral care products. Prior to assuming his current role, he was Professor and senior Scientist at the Center for Higher Education at the Pennsylvania State University (1990-2000), Professor of higher education at the Iowa State University (1979-1989), President of Performance Associates Consultants (1976 to present), Associate Professor, Florida Atlantic University (1977-1978) and Assistant Professor, Washington State University (1975-77). He is author of over two dozen books and over hundred articles and has consulted with universities, research centers and higher education agencies on six continents. He is co-inventor with Elena Young of a patent application entitled, “Method for prevention and treatment of oral fungal infections”.


What does research into patient behavior and home oral care products teach us about the role of time and timing in patient treatment protocols? Drawing on product development research and consumer research, Dr. Ratcliff examines the intersection between dental treatment and prevention protocols, patient home oral care practices, and the selection of chemotherapeutic agents in therapy and prevention, challenging conventions in patient treatment protocols and home oral care. The influence of commercial advertising on patient expectations and professional practices are also discussed, as well as the role of the dental professional in improving patient outcomes. The implications and findings of research and theory for patient treatment protocols for oral disease, patient education, and home oral care practices are presented.