Anil Gandhi

Fountain of Youth Surgical Center

Title: Transgender/Transsexual and female awake breast augmentation


Anil K. Gandhi has been practicing surgery for over 30 years. He began his residency in the United States in 1971, After completing his surgical residence in 1977, he pursued his passion in surgery. Dr. Gandhi's services too many throughout his career has allowed him to bring valuable experience and unique insight into the field of cosmetic surgery. Dr. Gandhi derives no greater pleasure than helping make women beautiful.


• Introduction to Awake Breast Augmentation under local tumescent anesthesia. Power Point presentation, to go over the following: • What is tumescent anesthesia? Benefits of tumescent anesthesia. Why are more patients seeking breast augmentation under local anesthesia? • Why are more doctors choosing to do surgery with tumescent anesthesia • Surgical technique of awake breast augmentation, different incision sites, positioning of implant as well as complications.