Fadia M. Al-Hummayani

Fadia M. Al-Hummayani

King Abdulaziz University, KSA

Title: Treatment of pseudo Class III malocclusion by modified Hawley’s appliance with inverted labial bow


Fadia Al-Hummayani is an Assistant Professor and Consultant Orthodontist. She teaches both the undergraduate, Saudi board and Master dental students at King Abdulaziz University/ College of Dentistry. Completed her Master’s and Clinical Certificate in Orthodontics from King Saud University/Dental School, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in 1999. She got the Assistance Professor position through research and publications in reputed journals in 2006. She won the Aesthetic Dentistry MENA Award 2010 on the case presented in this meeting as the best treated case organized by Emirate Medical Association (EMA - Dental Society) and CAPP (Centre for Advance Professional Practices) in United Arab of Emirates, Dubai.


Objective: The aim of this article is to highlight the method of construction and use a simple removable appliance termed as "Modified Hawley’s appliance with inverted labial bow" to treat pseudo class III malocclusion Case Report: A female patient aged 16 years, presented with chief complaint of having a monkey bite; the lower anterior teeth overlapping the upper teeth and abnormal concave facial profile. On clinical examination the dental relationship suggested retroclined upper and lower incisors. The incisors were in end-to-end relationship with posterior open bite when the mandible guided in centric relation. However, due to a premature contact between upper and lower incisors an anterior functional mandibular shift in centric occlusion causes anterior cross-bite. Therefore, the diagnosis was a pseudo Class III malocclusion. Treatment was done in two phases. Phase 1 treatment was done by "Modified Hawley’s appliance with inverted labial bow" to have positive overbite and overjet accomplished in 4 month and in phase II treatment was done with fixed appliances to align teeth and have proper over bite and overjet and it was accomplished in 8 months. Conclusions: Modified Hawley’s appliance with inverted labial bow is easy to construct and patient friendly appliance to correct anterior crossbite in Pseudo class-III malocclusion Keywords: Pseudo class-III malocclusion; teeth, Modified Hawley’s appliance; anterior cross-bite.