Neelam Shrivastava

Neelam Shrivastava

Gandhi Medical College, India

Title: Updated and easier confirmation of drowning by detection of diatoms in trachea


Neelam Shrivastava had completed MBBS in 1988 from Indore University India and LLB from Bhopal University in 1999. She has worked in Public Health Department as Assistance Surgeon till 1996 and since last 18 years she is working as a Medical Officer in Medico Legal Institute, Gandhi Medical College, Bhopal, India. There, she has done more than 5000 autopsies of different nature and expert opinions. She has also presented two international papers i.e. one in Istanbul, Turkey and another one in Goa, India.


One of the ways adopted by person for suicide is drowning. Criminals also hide their crime by throwing person in water after murder. To identify antemortem drowning or postmortem drowning, many postmortem findings are considered along with diatom test from bone marrow but many fallacies are there and false results are obtained. To overcome all these difficulties, the new method is proposed which is easy, less cumbersome, economical and confirmatory test; drowning by diatom test from tracheal fluid obtained by distilled water washed tracheal fluid.