Ethelle Lord

Ethelle Lord

president Remembering 4 You, USA

Title: Yes, Virginia, Dementia Care Can Be Friendly!


Dr. Ethelle G. Lord, former president of the Maine Gerontological Society in the State of Maine, currently is President of Remembering 4 You, LLC, and International Caregivers Association, LLC, and is a professor of Organizational Behavior at several universities. Dr. Lord has a Doctorate of Management in Organizational Leadership from the University of Phoenix. Her 15 years of experience as a family caregiver originated with her husband who was diagnosed with Vascular Dementia in January of 2003 soon after his triple bypass surgery. In that decade she has seen a daily influx of new Alzheimer's cases in every part of the world. Dr. Lord realized there is an urgent need for a change the way dementia care is delivered to care receivers. She is married to Maj. Larry S. Potter, USAF retired, and lives in Mapleton, Maine. Dr. Lord is available for presentations, training, and Alzheimer's coaching and consulting.


The philosophy of our Alzheimer’s coaching program is holistic. Alzheimer’s coaches facilitate life changes in others who provide care for someone with Alzheimer’s or other dementias. Using questions rather than giving advice, the Alzheimer’s coach is responsible for keeping the client’s goal in mind and being mindful of the person’s whole life including physical, intellectual, emotional, energetic, and spiritual aspects of that individual they are coaching. Alzheimer’s coaches do not pass judgment on others. They meet people wherever they currently find themselves at this moment in their life and the Alzheimer’s coach bridges the gap between where they are and where they want to be. Alzheimer’s coaches do not coach the person that is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or another form of dementia, instead they work with hospital and long-term care management teams, team of caregivers, family members and individual family caregivers. They can make referrals and facilitate the assembly of an optimal team of professionals. An Alzheimer’s coach has the ability to perform whether internal to an organization or external to an organization because the training offers them the working knowledge and tools to do so. Most coaches will offer a complimentary session prior to beginning coaching services. Alzheimer’s coaches are trained to work in a multitude of practice settings and delivery models, including hospitals, nursing centers or nursing homes, assisted living facilities, private practice (via phone, in person, or using the Internet). While Alzheimer’s coaches work in collaboration with a variety of professionals in all disciplines, they do not duplicate the work of social workers, counselors, case managers, or spiritual directors. Other trained and certified coaches such as life coaches, management coaches, etc, have certain areas of expertise which may overlap in skills, but do not have the full range of specialty training and capabilities of Alzheimer’s coaches. Through the empowerment, support and education of consumers, Alzheimer’s coaches will facilitate the evolution of our healthcare system all over the world because Remembering4You is a pioneer in Alzheimer’s coaching.

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