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Agriculture Journals

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South Korea is an East Asian nation known for its green, hilly countryside dotted with cherry trees. It is the place where centuries-old Buddhist temples are present which makes it a prime place for tourists.

South Korea occupies the southern portion of the Korean Peninsula, which extends some 1,100 km (680 mi) from the Asian mainland. This mountainous peninsula is flanked by the Yellow Sea to the west, and East Sea to the east. South Korea's terrain is mostly mountainous, most of which is not arable. Lowlands, located primarily in the west and southeast, make up only 30% of the total land area.

South Korea is one of south-east Asia’s major powers, and a major world economy. It is the world’s premier shipbuilder, and a leading producer and exporter of electronic goods, automobiles, petrochemicals and steel. Its GDP in 2007 was USD950 billion, ranking it 10th highest worldwide. The affluent home consumer market, avid of cutting-edge technological goods, fuels a vibrant and innovative manufacturing base.

South Korea is a mountainous country with only 22 percent arable land and less rainfall than most other neighboring rice-growing countries. Rice is the most important crop and staple food. Other crops included such grains as barley, millet, corn, sorghum, buckwheat, soybeans, and potatoes. Cotton, hemp, sesame, tobacco, and ginseng are the cash crops. Researches have been carrying out in the fields of agriculture to publish that research there is a list of south Korean Journals. Kangwon National University: Agriculture and Life Sciences: The Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics (DARE) deals with rural economy and community development to promote more technologies in the field.

Agriculture Journals List