Variables Mean Std. Deviation
Q12: A high percentage of high school students encounter the problem of internet addiction. 4.45 0.923
Q13: Parents have a high responsibility toward their children in blocking some internet sites. 4.34 0.916
Q33: Health education is important in teaching about healthy ways of using the internet. 4.33 0.957
Q10: Computer and internet plays an important role in the development of educational process in schools. 4.26 0.913
Q34: Educational books and posters help in reducing Internet addiction. 4.24 1.051
Q26: There are different safe ways and rules that should be taken when using the internet. 4.16 0.985
Q11: Internet helps improve thinking, by considering all perspectives of a situation. 4.09 1.057
Q32: I would like to have information about the effects of Internet on health, and psychological development. 4.08 1.1
Q19: Internet addiction is the main cause of isolation from society and family. 3.94 1.021
Q28: Internet invention is considered from the most important and dangerous educational inventions. 3.92 1.106
Q18: Most people reveal untrue information about themselves. 3.8 1.116
Q29: Computers and internet are considered from the best ways for teaching. 3.78 1.058
Q20: It is advisable to do some exercise from time to time while using internet. 3.77 1.185
Q31: Health Education plays an important role in reducing diseases resulting from internet addiction. 3.75 1.283
Q9: The internet contributes in helping discover ourselves and choose our favorite programs. 3.62 1.145
Q25: Internet addiction is considered as a dangerous disease, and should be controlled. 3.4 1.345
Q27: Playing computer games help increasing self-confidence. 3.37 1.269
Q7: Using the internet influences behaviors and attitudes negatively especially youngsters, and may cause community violence. 3.18 1.142
Q4: Internet has negative effects on social life and may decrease social relations. 2.97 1.5
Table1: Mean and standard deviation of various variables dealing with the students' attitude towards internet.