Variables Mean Std. Deviation
Q14: Internet addiction causes headaches and mental problems. 4.49 0.919
Q1: Using the computer for four hours or more may cause several health risks, and may cause traumatic stress. 4.06 1.006
Q3: The internet has negative effects on the physical and overall health. 4.06 1.069
Q15: Playing internet games for long hours causes trouble in sleeping and may cause brain damage in the future. 3.99 1.145
Q8: Internet addiction affects the nervous system in the body. 3.89 1.108
Q17: Most common Diseases spread from internet addiction are back and neck ache. 3.84 1.282
Q21: There is a big relation between obesity and internet. 3.78 1.188
Q6: The key board if used long time may cause pain and numbness in hands and fingers. 3.4 1.276
Q24: Internet addiction affects the vision and cause blurry vision and different eye problems. 3.09 1.383
Q22: It is advisable to close the eyes constantly and relax to reduce stress and tension. 3.08 1.396
Q5: The brightness from the computer screen may affect eyesight from common use. 2.93 1.473
Q16: To reduce the effect brightness and rays from the computer, the screen should be 44 - 56 cm away from the eyes. 2.9 1.58
Q23: Laptop may cause harmful effect on the internal organs on female’s body if kept too close or directly on the lap. 2.74 1.492
Q2: Drinking a lot of water or fluids while using the internet is healthy and reduces diseases 2.7 1.422
Q30: The screen of the computer should have a layer of protection to reduce the rays on the eyes. 2.64 1.456
Table 2: Mean and standard deviation of various variables dealing with the effects of internet on health.