Study, Year Study Period Number of participants Main Inclusion Criteria Main Exclusion Criteria Treatment Control
Jeong, 2009 12 months 77 Men ≥50 years with moderate to severe BPH, on stable dose of uroselective alpha-blockers, prostate gland ≥ 25 cm3 Chronic UTI, prostate/testicular surgery, prostate cancer, abnormal PSA, high probability of urinary obstruction likely to require surgery, AUR, chronically large postvoid residual urine volume, history of 5AR inhibitor Dutasteride 0.5mg + alfuzosin 10mg (or tamsulosin 0.2mg) daily Finasteride 5mg + alfuzosin 10mg (or tamsulosin 0.2mg) daily
Li, 2013 6 months 72 Men with BPH, IPSS greater than 13, Qmax less than 15mL/s, PSA less than 4µg/L, urine volume less than 150mL/urination Prostate cancer, urethra narrowing, bladder stone, urinary infections, neurogenic bladder, lower urinary track blockage/restriction, surgical interventions, BPH meds within 4 weeks prior to start of study, heart/lung/liver/kidney insufficiency Dutasteride 0.5mg daily Finasteride 5mg daily
Mohanty, 2006 6 months 100 Men 40-80 years with BPH, no indication for surgery Suspected or diagnosed prostate cancer Dutasteride 0.5mg + tamsulosin 0.4mg daily at night Finasteride 5mg + tamsulosin 0.4mg daily at night
Nickel, 2011 12 months 1630 Men ≥50 years with BPH, AUA-SI ≥ 12 points, prostate volume ≥ 30 cm3, Qmax<15mL/s, minimum voided volume ≥ 125mL Post-void residual volume >250mL, history or evidence of prostate cancer, previous prostatic surgery or invasive BPH treatment procedure, history of AUR in the past 3 months, PSA <1.5 ng/mL or 10 ng/mL, use of 5ARIs, use of alpha blockers within 2 weeks of screening visit and throughout study Dutasteride 0.5mg daily Finasteride 5mg daily
UTI: Urinary Tract Infection; PSA: Prostate-Specific Antigen; AUR: Acute Urinary Retention; BPH: Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia; AUA-SI: American Urological Association- Symptom Index
Table 1: Characteristics of included studies.