Figure 4: Neighbor-joining phylogenetic tree of partial 16S rDNA sequences of the two bioactive endophytic bacterial isolates from Datura stramonium and their closest phylogenetic relatives. The nucleotide sequences used of representative strains were obtained from Genbank database under the following accession numbers: JQ308605 (Stenotrophomonas maltophilia strain RPS 4), DQ983424 (Gamma proteobacterium strain JAUIB93), KJ736837 (Uncultured bacterium clone Y1), KF731834 (Bacillus mojavensis strain CEN2), KT345642 (Brevibacterium halotolerans strain U277), KF831384 (Bacillus licheniformis strain 262ZY2), KP876486 (Bacillus subtilis strain Gy11) and for the bacterial isolates tested: KR818085 (S37) and KR818086 (S40). The tree topology was constructed using ClustalX (1.81).