Figure 3: Amino Acid Sequence Alignments for Vertebrate Pancreatic Lipase-like (PTL-like) Sequences Containing the Active Aspartate Residue. See Table 1 and Supplementary Table 1 for sources of vertebrate PTL, PLR1, PLR2 and primate PLR3 sequences; * shows identical residues for proteins; : one similar alternate residue; . two similar alternate residues; key PTL active site residue (Asp193 for human PTL) is shown in pink ; shaded grey shows human PTL Ala195 and Pro197 residues for vertebrate PTL-like sequences; shaded yellow shows human PLR1 Val 196 and Ala198 mammalian PLR1-like sequences; shaded blue shows substituted Ser196 or Ser198 residues for opossum PLR1 and platypus PLR1, respectively.