Equality rate between sequences χ2 test statistic P-value
A (Triplex Capsid Protein_HHV2G)
B (Triplex Capsid Protein HHV2H)
C (Triplex Capsid Protein_HHV11)
6.0 0.01431
A (Capsid Protein _HHV1)
B (Capsid Protein_HHV2)
C (Capsid Protein-II_HHV11)
4.0 0.04550
A (MajorCapsid Protein HHV2H)
B (Major Capsid Protein_HHV1)
C (Capsid Protein_HHV2
3.0 0.08326
Table 2: Tajima’s relative rate test for χ2 test statistic, P-value less than 0.05 is often used to reject the null hypothesis of equal rates between lineages. The analysis involved 3 amino acid sequences. All positions containing gaps and missing data were eliminated. Evolutionary analyses were conducted in MEGA5.