Table 1: Results of 1 bp insertion spike-in study on phix174 sequence reads.
A subset of sequence reads representing approximately 76,000 sequence reads were obtained from one lane of sequencing of phiX174. Insertions and deletions were introduced in 100%, 50% and 25% of the Sequence reads covering discrete locations in the phiX174 genome. These indels were introduced at positions 100 bp apart starting at position 100 and ending at position 5000 of the phix174 genome. As noted from columns left to right, for insertions and deletions we report separately the length of the introduced mutation, the percentage of sequence reads with an introduced mutation, the number of tested candidates, the number of true positive (TP) indels among the tested candidates, the number of predictions made by the second step of the algorithm, the sensitivity and the specificity of the prediction.