No. Uninfected/Acute Uninfected/Asympt Uninfected/AIDS Acute/Asympt Acute/AIDS Asympt/AIDS
1 NM_002604 NM_006275 BE856807 Z00008 N45309 AU118882
2 J04162 BC025250 NM_002438 AF234255 NM_002612 U52913
3 AW169973 AI743534 NM_003622 NM_014668 AL554245 NM_002612
4 AB040957 AW169973 AL574194 BE886225 AI803181 NM_003622
5 AI760944 AK055572 BF592034 AW294722 S67238 AK095698
6 AI650364 NM_002759 NM_016164 L21961 AK095698 AK000776
7 NM_006482 AI650364 AI655611 BI598831 AA541622 NM_016164
8 AK000776 AU146963 BC038422 AL049337 AW027333 AL574194
9 NM_000570 AI554909 NM_017631 BF673779 BF340228 AA053711
10 AI148006 AI926479 AI803181 U52914 NM_014710 U52914
Table 1: List of top 10 genes with largest changes of edge weights between two compared networks.