Figure 4: A scatter plot, an ROC curve and three-dimensional structures. f1(iM) was computed using g2 , h2 , 20A and Gi G (A) A scatter plot of f1(iM) and f2(iM) However, one point whose f1(468M) 122.2 and f2(468M) 45.56 was not shown. iM ∈M was classified into 2 by whether f2(iM) is equal to or smaller than 3 Å or larger than 3 Å. (B) By regarding the former as true and the latter as false, the ROC curve was written using f1(iM)The threshold was determined so that (true positive rate + 1 − false positive rate) is maximum and, eventually, M ∈M was classified into 4, which were visualized onto three-dimensional structures of (C) Thermus thermophilus EF-Tu [42] and (D) Saccharomyces cerevisiae EF1A [48].