Attribute Name Definition
Correctly Classified Displays the percentage of correctness test that how many instances are categorized accurately.
Incorrectly classified Displays the percentage of incorrectness test that how many instances are categorized accurately.
TP Rate Those which were true and classified as True.
FP Rate Those which were false but classified as True.
ROC Rate ROC graph is a technique for visualizing, organizing and selecting classifiers based on their performance.ROC graphs have long beenused in signal detection theory.
Precision Calculating precision and recall is actually quite easy. When you get the actual results you sum up how many times you were right or wrong
Types of Precision
There are four ways of being right or wrong:
case was negative and predicted negative
case was positive and predicted positive
case was positive but predicted negative
case was negative but predicted positive
Accuracy  A measure of a predictive model that reflects the proportionatenumber of times that the modelis correct when applied to data.
  Error Rate A number that reflects the rate of errors made by a predictive model. It is one minus the accuracy.
Table 1: Attributes definition.