Putative cis-elements and associated miRNAs that may be responsible for the differential translation between LPS and LPS + DEX were predicted. (A) The 3´UTR sequences of differentially translated genes (LPS + DEX vs. LPS) were used to identify enriched motifs specific either down- or up-regulated clusters. MEME targeting 6 to 8 nt motif length was used. (B) Two-sided Fisher’s exact test was used to confirm the enrichment of the identified motifs exclusively in either down- or up-regulated gene clusters. (C) miRNAs putatively targeting the identified motifs were screened focusing on miRNA seed sequences (2 to 8 nt of 5´ ends). Each seed sequence position is indicated below the miRNA sequences colored in red.
Figure 7: Putative cis-elements and associated miRNAs were predicted.