Figure 3: Comparison of five CNS strains viz., S. cohnii subsp. cohnii strain G22B2, S. equorum subsp. equorum strain G8HB1, S. haemolyticus strain 1HT3, S. pasteuri strain BAB3, S. warneri strain 1DB1 against S. aureus strain RF122. The innermost dark circle represents the reference genome of strainRF122 (genome size 2273,004 bp), the dark green circle surrounding reference genome signifies the genome of strain 1DB1 and the outermost yellow circle denotes genome of strain G8HB1, light green (G22B2), cyan (BAB3), red (1HT3). The circles lying in between the reference genome and the CNS genomes; black symbolise the GC content and dual coloured lines indicates GC skew.