Strain Name Gene Length Function
G22B2 Fibronectin binding protein (PrtF) 396 bp Group of adhesive glycoproteins that interact selectively and non-covalently with fibronectin
Negative transcriptional regulator copper transport operon (TR) 495 bp Negatively regulates transcription in order to maintain accurate concentration of copper in cell
HNH homing endonucleases (HNH) 777 bp Phage associated endonuclease
G8HB1 Copper chaperone (CopZ) 237 bp Assists in delivery of copper ions to target proteins
Cadmium-transporting ATPase (EC 1512 bp ATPase function in providing resistance against Cadmium
Phage major capsid protein (MajCap) 975 bp Structural subunit of phage capsid
1HT3 Copper resistance protein copD 1248 bp Copper ion binding to maintain copper homeostasis
Copper resistance protein copC 1248 bp Copper ion binding to maintain copper homeostasis
1DB1 Adhesin of unknown specificity (SdrD) 3204 bp Adhesion to host cell
Phage head maturation protease 558 bp Protease involved in maturation of phage heads
Table 2: Unique virulence determinants present in the CNS strains.