Bacterial Proteins Bacterial non - self antigens Homologous Human proteins Functions in spermatogenesis / male fertility
Laminin binding protein SVVTSFYP HAS3 Enhances tumor growth in prostate cancer cell line, cancer metastasis, tumor growth and progression
  GHLDPKH Izumo sperm - egg fusion 1 Ig superfamily Izumo required to fuse egg with the sperm; helps in fertilization
   SKTFVTQHT SA - 36 Isomerase(GPI) / Neuroleukin mRNA sperm agglutination and immobilization
Hyaluronate lyase YFRKTLVNPF SPATA17 spermatocyte apoptosis - related gene involved in human spermatogenesis, especially in meiosis
  NSDQSHYS TEX15 Chromosomal synapsis and meiotic recombination in spermatocytes
  ILNDKI Rosbin1 - like regulation in haploid germ cells
This table depicts the non - self peptides showing resemblance with Streptococcal peptides. Three non - self peptides with amino acid sequence SVVTSFYP, SKTFVTQHT and GHLDPKH represent human proteins namely Hyaluronan synthase3 (HAS3), Sperm antigen 36 (SA - 36) and Izumo sperm - egg fusion 1(SA) were obtained from Laminin binding protein. Three non - self peptides YFRKTLVNPF, NSDQSHYS and ILNDKI representing human Spermatogenesis associated protein 17(SPATA17), Testis expressed 15 (TEX15) protein and Round spermatid basic protein 1 - like (Rosbin1 - like) were obtained from Hyaluronate lyase protein, respectively. Each of these self - peptides serves to play a major role in spermatogenesis and male fertility function. These non - self peptides of fertilization importance should be discarded from the immunocontraception / vaccine cocktail to restore the fertilization capacity.
Table 5: Streptococcal non - self antigens homologous with human proteins showing functional importance in male fertility.