Figure 4: Glycerophospholipid synthesis in control and RCDP I lymphoblasts. Cellular choline plasmalogens (PC), ethanolamine plasmalogens (PE), phosphatidylglycerols (PG), diacylglycerols (DAG), and phospahtidylserines (PS) labeling with 200 μM of the precursors [13C16] palmitic acid (panels A and B) or [13C3] glycerol (panel C), expressed as atom percent excess (APE) incorporation of stable isotope label over 24 hours in serum free media. The (1) and (2) symbols are indicative of the number of incorporated [13C16] palmitic acid residues (panel B) or [13C3] glycerol residues (panel C). Data are expressed as mean ± SD for 6 tissue culture wells. Labeling of plasmalogens (panel A) with [13C16] palmitic acid was significantly decreased in RCDP cells, while that of DAG 34:1 was augmented, and labeling of phosphatidylglycerols was not different from control cells (panel B). Labeling of plasmalogens and phosphatidylserine with [13C3] glycerol was not different between controls and RCDP cells, while phosphatidylglycerol synthesis [PG 34:1 (1) and PG 34:1 (2)] was significantly increased in RCDP cells (panel C). *, p<0.05 vs. control.