Figure 5: Glycerophospholipid levels in control and RCDP I lymphoblasts with ether lipid supplementation. Cellular choline plasmalogens (upper panel) and phosphatidylglycerols (lower panel) in control and RCDP1 lymphoblasts after a 24 hr incubation with vehicle, 50 μM batyl alcohol, or 50 μM chimyl alcohol. Chimyl alcohol significantly augmented choline plasmalogens in both control and RCDP1 lymphoblasts, while batyl alchol was less effective (upper panel). While ether lipid precursors had no effect on phosphatidylglycerol levels in control cells, augmentation of plasmalogens with chimyl alcohol in RCDP1 cells resulted in significant increases in cellular PG 32:0, PG 32:1, and PG 36:1 levels (lower panel). Batyl alcohol significant increased cellular levels of PG 36:1 (lower panel). *, p < 0.05 vs. control; #, p<0.05 vs. RCDP1.