Figure 3: Total lipid extracts from ischemia/reperfusion or sham-operated contralateral (IC and SC) and ipsilateral (II and SI) brain tissues of rats that were treated with vehicle or exogenous NAE 16:0 were analyzed for the composition of NAPE, NAE, and FFA species, differentiated by their acyl chains. Data are shown as mean ± SD. Statistical significance (P < 0.05; N = 4 (for NAE samples N = 6)) between contra- and ipsilateral tissues is indicated by ‘a’, and vehicle and NAE 16:0 treatment by ‘b’, and ischemia and sham tissues by ‘c’ as determined by unpaired Student’s t-test. NAPE values indicate relative normalized mass spectral signal per g of sample FW, where 1 unit of signal indicates the amount of signal that is observed for 1 nmol of the internal standard, N-17:0 di16:0 PE; NAE and FFA lipid classes are expressed as nmol/g FW. Acyl chain designations are indicated by x:y, or carbon chain length:number of double bonds.