Figure1: Synthesis of Glycerophospholipids. Glycerophospholipids are shown in blue; substrates and by-products for glycerophospholipid metabolism are shown in black; and all important enzymes are shown in orange. R and R’ in molecule structure represents all possible functional groups derived from fatty acid. Abbreviations: CDP, cytidine diphosphate; LPA, lysophosphatidic acid; PA, phosphatidic acid; PgpP, phophatidylglycerolphophate phosphatase; PgpS, phophatidylglycerolphophate synthase; PtdsD, phosphatidylserine decarboxylase; PtdsS1, phosphatidylserine synthase-1; PtdsS2, phosphatidylserine synthase-2.