Figure 5: RAGE immunofluorescence and mRNA expression.
A: a: Control (untreated), b: AGE (100 μg/ml) treated, c: Glycine (2.5 mM)+AGE (100 μg/ml),d: Glutamic acid (2.5 mM)+ AGE(100 μg/ml).
RAGE immunofluorescence is shown by the dotted green fluorescence and the nucleus is stained blue with DAPI. The cells treated with AGE showed increased RAGE expression compared to control and there was a decrease in the RAGE fluorescence after co-treatment with 2.5 mM glycine and glutamic acid.
B: The fold change in the mRNA expression of RAGE using real time PCR for Glutamic acid and glycine treated condition was plotted as a bar graph keeping untreated control as 1.