Figure 2: TLR7 expression correlates with MyD88 and IRAK-1 expression in the adipose tissue.
The TLR7 gene expression was determined using quantitative real-time RTPCR in 22 obese (BMI=34.13 ± 2.81 kg/m2), 18 overweight (BMI=28.26 ± 1.20 kg/m2), and 9 lean (BMI=22.61 ± 2.40 kg/m2) subjects. The changes in TLR7 expression were analyzed against adipose tissue gene expression of components of the TLR signaling cascade including MyD88 adapter protein, IRAK1 serine/threonine kinase, and TRAF6 signaling protein. TLR7 gene expression correlated positively/significantly with that of (A) MyD88 (r=0.39 P=0.005) and (B) IRAK1 (r=0.38 P=0.008); (C) while no correlation was found with TRAF6 (r=0.01 P=0.92).