Figure 3 Elevated TLR7 expression associates positively with typical monocyte/ macrophage markers.
The adipose tissue gene expression of TLR7 and monocyte/macrophage markers including CD68 and CD11c was determined in 22 obese (BMI=34.13 ± 2.81 kg/m2), 18 overweight (BMI=28.26 ± 1.20 kg/m2), and 9 lean (BMI=22.61 ± 2.40 kg/m2) subjects using quantitative real-time RT-PCR. The data show that TLR7 mRNA expression correlated positively with that of (A) CD68 (r=0.65 P<0.0001) and (B) CD11c (r=0.43 P=0.002).