Figure 5: Western blot detection of podocalyxin in extracts from three hESC lines, H3, H8 and H9, and hEBs.
A) The soluble extracts from the three hESCs (H3, H8 and H9) and the corresponding hEBs were directly eluted on lanes 2-4 and 5-7, respectively, and were subjected to western blot analysis using anti-podocalyxin pAb.
B) Immunoprecipitated podocalyxin from hESCs and hEBs were subjected to western blot analysis with anti-podocalyxin pAb. The precipitates from three hESC lines were eluted on lanes 2 (H3), 4 (H8) and 6 (H9), and those from the corresponding hEBs were eluted on lanes 3 (H3), 5 (H8) and 7 (H9).
C) Lectin microarray data were max-normalized, and the log indexes of individual lectins are compared as in figure 3A.
D) Hierarchical clustering analysis showing two clusters of hESCs and hEBs.