Especie Part/Extract Use/ Biological activity Country Reference
mexicana Extract Root infusion Hexane extracts from leaf Peel extract Diabetes HypoglucemicMyorelaxing Antioxidant Antioxidant, inhibit erypthosis Mexico [49] [50] [42] [25]
pubesens Fruit Cardiovascular diseases Mexico [51,52]

stipulosa, mexicana, nelsoni
Boiled fruit

Leaf and flower infusion

Root and bark Flowers
Respiratory tract diseases, cough, bronchitis, pneumonia, cool, chest congestion, chest painKidney diseases, slender, diuretic, urinary tract cleaner, tachycardia moderator, antispasmodic

Mexico [7][40]
curysipala Hydro-alcoholicextract Diminish diastolic and systolic pressure in arterial hypertension   [53]
Crataegussp Methanol extract of fresh fruits Inhibitor of the of angyotensin enzyme converter AEC   [54]
aronia Leaf and fruit Cardiovascular diseases, cancer, diabetes, sexual disorders, antioxidant Arabia, France [55,56] [52]
pinntiflda Nd fruit Cardiovascular diseases China [51,52]
pinnatifida Nd, dryedfruits Diminishplasmlipids China, Taiwan [57,58]
cuneata Nd fruit Cardiovascular diseases Japan [51,52]
monogyna Nd fruit Cardiovascular diseases Europe [51,52]
Nd fruit
Alcoholic extract
Cardiovascular diseases

Cardiotonic, antiarrhythmic Inhibitor of lipoperoxidation Prevent the  ischemic infarct Diminish congestive cardiac fail
Medwest [51,52,59] [60] [61] [62]
aronica Aqueousextract of fruit Cardiovascular diseasesDiminishlipids USA, Israel [51,52]
phaenopyrum Aqueousextract of fruit Cardiovascular diseases USA,  Israel [51,52]
ambigua Aqueousextract of fruit Cardiovascular diseases Rusia [51,52]
tanacetifolia Hydroperoxide and aqueous extract of leafsFruitextract Prevent hypertension in rats and cardiovascular diseases Hypotensor   [63] [64]
meyeri Hydro-alcoholic extract of flowers Cardiotonic, antiarrhythmic, hypotensor   [61]
laevigata Leafextract Antioxidant   [65]
pentaegyna Fruitextract Antioxidant Iran [66]
Folium Fruitextract   Turkey [67]
Nd=Not determined
Table 2: Ethnobotanical and applications of the genus Crataegus.