miRNAs Cancer type Body fluid source Clinical correlations Reference
miR-335 Breast Serum Overexpressed miR-335 were associated with breast cancer histological tumor grades and hormone receptor expression status [20]
miR-24 Ovarian
Lower levels ofmiR-24in patients than controlsIncreased serum level of miR-24 in Breast Cancer patients.
Decreased plasma levels of miR-24serve as novel biomarkers for early stage detection of colorectal
miR-320 Breast Serum Underexpressed in the serum of women who developed lymph node-positive breast tumors. [24]
miR-548d-5p Bladder Urine Expressed predominantly in patients with higher cancer stages [24]
miR-342-5p Ovarian Whole blood Decreasedlevels in ovarian cancer [25]
miR-15a Breast Serum Increased serum level in older compared to young breast patients [26]
miR-342-3p Breast Serum High serum level in older compared to young breast patients [27]
miR-29a Colorectal Plasma Increasedplasma levels in advanced-stage cancer than controls miR29a correlates with tumor stage [28]
miR-451 Breast Plasma Increased plasma level found in breast cancer patients [29]
miR-30b Breast Serum high levels in the serum of breast cancer patients than control subjects [16]
miR-337-5p ESCC Serum Serum levels were differentially expressed between ESCC patients and controls [30]
miR-486-3p ProstateBreast Serum Serum levels were significantly higher in patients compared to controls. Increased serum levelin older versus young breast cancer patients [27-32]
Table 1: A compendium of circulating miRNAs with potential as biomarkers for breast cancer and other human malignancies.